With consultants operating nationally Online HR can provide Human Resource assistance for almost any need. We can provide support and assistance with ad-hoc tasks, parental leave cover or part-time HR support to most businesses. Our experience lies in providing in-house HR support and knowledge to SMEs allowing them access to HR support on their premises which is not always accessible.

Our Consultants are extremely experienced in contemporary practice and principles, supported by a solid online HR framework and solutions to ensure best practice outcomes and a high performing business is developed through a competitive advantage through human capital.

Our consultant will work with you one on one, becoming a part of your business and operating from your office space ensuring they are embedded into your business. Clients can be billed by the hour, day, week or via a retainer model. Discounted consulting rates are available for clients purchasing our compliance solutions.


Are you sick of paying exorbitant fees to recruiters and often not getting the results you want? Would you like the flexibility to pay by the hour instead of a percentage or choose to have Recruitment support for specific parts of the business. We are focused on getting the right person for your business, not just a person in a seat for a fee. Hire for culture, train for skills is the recruitment philosophy we work with.


OnlineHR are expert trainers in all elements of compliance when it comes to Fair Work Australia requirements and the National Employment Standards. We work with you to ensure your staff are well trained and up-to-date with everything from workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment to effective communication and managing teams.

As an employer you are legally required to have your teams trained and aware as to outwork all your policies and procedures.

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